About Us

Tanddexim LLP incorporated in 2023 as Limited Liability Partnership( LLP) by Mr. Tejas Jobanputra and His wife Mrs. Dhara Tejas Jobanputra The LLP is engaged in trading of food products like Sugar, Wheat, Rice, Fruits, Ketchup  etc. LLP has also started export of rice and other agriculture products recently.

Our Vision

To be the premium and leading trader and exporter of food products from India by the year 2030


Our Mission

To provide world class quality, agricultural and other food products to our customers keeping inline commitments with regards to quality incumbency, well-timed shipments and a transparent business approach. In doing so, believing that every move, we deliver value and trust to our stake holders both internal and external.


Our Core Values


our focus is on providing solutions to customers needs both current and latent. With a view to improving customer satisfaction, we have always placed high importance on product knowledge. We strive to ensure that our customers are provided with product information that will assist in generating the best value for their money. We also believe that providing excellent customer service ensures that customers feel valued and know that we stand behind our products.
our key goal is to provide the best products possible to our customers and consumers. We believe that product from best knowledge only can converted to advantage to our valued customers.
Our business strategy is WIN- WIN for us and with whom we do business transaction. Knowledge is our base, integrity is our path, and satisfaction is our focus.